The Pearl Fishers (includes Duet)
Georges Bizet


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First appearing in the Hall of Fame in 1997, this is the highest placed piece in the Ultimate Hall of Fame NOT to have appeared in every single chart. It's the highest of Bizet's 2 entries in the Ultimate Hall of Fame.

You have to wonder how Bizet would feel about our response to The Pearl Fishers, were he alive today. This three-act opera lasts around eighty minutes and has an exotic plot, rich orchestral imagery and a number of arias to boot. And yet, it's almost solely remembered today for an extract that many think is a stand-alone piece of music: 'The Pearl Fishers' Duet'.

Sung by the characters Zuria and Nadir, caught in a love triangle with the one girl they're both after, the duet has been performed thousands of times in its own right in the concert hall.

The 1916 production at New York's Metropolitan Opera.