Adagio in G minor (reconstructed by Remo Giazotto)
Tomaso Albinoni


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The highest of 2 entries by Albinoni in the Ultimate Hall of Fame. This was at its highest ever position of number 17 in the first Hall of Fame chart in 1996.

If you're looking for controversy, you've come to the right place. Never mind the fact that Albinoni's Adagio is a breathtakingly beautiful piece of stately baroque brilliance — it might shock you to know that it's actually the work of an Albinoni biographer and musicologist, Remo Giazotto, who apparently used a snippet of manuscript written by Albinoni to complete the work. However, said manuscript was never actually produced at any point by Giazotto, so we'll never really know how much is Albinoni and how much isn't.