Quanta Qualia (Blue in Blue)
Patrick Hawes


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This first appeared in the Hall of Fame in 2004, the year of its release. It entered at its highest ever position of 63 and remained in every chart until 2015.

Former Classic FM composer in residence Patrick Hawes is a quintessentially English composer who prides himself on writing in the same idiom as the likes of Elgar, Vaughan Williams and Delius. The pastoral, reflective sound-world Hawes inhabits is no better demonstrated than in this, his beautiful Quanta Qualia for soprano, chorus and orchestra. It's taken from the 2004 album Blue in Blue: an instant hit in the classical charts. Much of it is inspired by the composer's rural surroundings: he lives on the Norfolk coast and has often remarked that the beauty of nature spurs him on to write music.