Le Onde
Ludovico Einaudi


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The highest of Einaudi's 2 entries in the Ultimate Hall of Fame. This entered the Hall of Fame in 2000 and has remained in the chart ever since, peaking at number 41 in 2004.

Of all the composers to have ever entered the Classic FM Hall of Fame, Ludovico Einaudi is probably the most contentious. For every person who adores his minimalist melodies, there's someone else who likens them to an A-level composition project and simply cannot fathom their appeal. But, whatever your personal views on the contemporary Italian composer's piano music, there's no doubt that he has a unique ability to reach a large audience with his brand of laid-back, repetitive tunes.

Le Onde ('The Waves') was Einaudi's first big hit, and it's also the title track from his first major album, released in 1996. It takes as its inspiration the Virginia Woolf novel The Waves, and the undulating, hypnotic melody evokes images of the rhythms and patterns of the ocean.