James Horner


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One of James Horner's best known scores falls 11 places

It can't be easy being faced with the challenge of soundtracking one of the most eagerly awaited films in many years, but James Horner, who died in a plane crash in 2015, was used to pressure, having previously worked with director James Cameron on two other mega blockbusters, Aliens and Titanic. In the case of Cameron's much-hyped Avatar, Horner went the extra mile, composing not just a traditionally epic score to soundtrack James Cameron's vast computer generated world, but also inventing a whole new musical culture for Cameron's alien creations. Recording choral works sung in the film's alien language of Na'vi and even consulting an ethnomusicologist to create a new musical culture, Horner took composing for film to new heights, and he was rewarded with nominations at the Oscars, Baftas and Golden Globes.