The Lion King
Hans Zimmer


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A slight fall of 3 places for this Disney classic

'Circle of Life', 'I Just Can't Wait to be King', 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight'... Everyone remembers Disney's The Lion King for Elton John and Tim Rice's classic songs, but in between all this was Hans Zimmer, who turned in a masterful instrumental score. Hired on the strength of his work on The Power of One and A World Apart, both of which were set in Africa, Zimmer infused his score for The Lion King with many elements of traditional African music and choir arrangements from South African composer Lebo M, which perfectly soundtracked Simba's journey through the Pride Lands. The Lion King soundtrack has gone on to be phenomenally successful, and certainly one of the most cherished of all Disney scores. Sadly, Zimmer's score has never been officially released.