The Gadfly
Dmitri Shostakovich


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One of the oldest films in the chart, Shostakovich's score for 'The Gadfly' climbs 34 places

Although remembered principally for his large-scale orchestral works and concertos, Dmitri Shostakovich's output for the big screen was also prolific. He was, in essence, the Russian John Williams of his day. Between 1929 and 1970 Shostakovich wrote more than 30 movie soundtracks, but it's his score for the 1955 film The Gadfly that remains the big hit in this century. The setting of the film gave Shostakovich the excuse to borrow musical ideas from Italian Romantic composers such as Verdi and Bellini, but it's the six-minute Romance for violin and orchestra that explains the score's continued popularity today.