War of the Worlds
John Williams


John Williams is the king of bombastic horn motifs, heroic themes and making those iconic movie moments that little bit more emotional. So it's interesting to hear him dial it down a notch with this tense soundtrack to Steven Spielberg's 2005 adaptation of the H. G. Wells novel.

Rather than fireworks, derring-do or adventuring, Williams concentrates instead on the penetrating dread of the alien invaders. With Steven Spielberg directing, Tom Cruise topping the cast list and Williams himself on soundtrack duties, you might expect a more traditional effort, but the film is resolutely low-key (in-between the sections of CGI mass-destruction, that is). And while War Of The Worlds took an absolute packet at the box office, it's encouraging to note that it was in no small part due to Williams's uncharacteristically gritty soundtrack.

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