Sense and Sensibility (includes My Father's Favourite)
Patrick Doyle


Sense and Sensibility — a favourite of Classic FM presenter Alan Titchmarsh — falls six places, and out of the top 50, this year.

Few have managed to successfully translate the world of Jane Austen on to the silver screen, but Ang Lee's Sense and Sensibility in 1995 remains one of the finest examples of the costume drama. Bringing it all together with the perfect score was Scottish composer Patrick Doyle, who was a good friend of the film's screenwriter Emma Thompson. Doyle once explained how his musical score perfectly captured the stifled mood of Ang Lee's film: "The music had to be suppressed to match what was happening onscreen. You had this middle-class English motif, and with the music you would have occasional outbursts of emotion." Doyle's score was nominated for a Bafta and an Academy Award.

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