The Dam Busters (includes The Dam Busters March)
Eric Coates


The Dam Busters — known for Eric Coates's The Dam Busters March — drops 10 places in the 2014 Movie Music Hall of Fame.

The Dam Busters can now barely be thought of without immediately conjuring up Coates's famous melody, The Dam Busters March. Still a firm favourite military band number at flypasts, the popular theme to the classic British war movie from 1955 is a great example of a piece of music that has become just as famous as the film it comes from. Despite the piece's success, Coates had a profound disliking of composing for film, and in fact his son Austin claimed in a radio interview that The Dam Busters March was not actually written for the film and had in fact been completed a few days before he was contacted by the producers.

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Poster for the Associated British Picture Corporation's 1955 film The Dam Busters, which Coates composed the music for.