Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Hans Zimmer


Hans Zimmer's score for the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean movies falls 10 places: is it on the way to Davey Jones's Locker?

It's Hans Zimmer meets Klaus Badelt in this impressive film music partnership, using music from the first Pirates film alongside exciting new themes.

The follow-up to the incredibly OTT Pirate romp picks up where the first movie left off, at the wedding of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan. Before either can say 'I do', the notorious Captain Jack Sparrow comes between them again in his quest to escape the clutches of Captain Beckett and to save his soul from Davy Jones and a watery grave.

Hans Zimmer's score is just as OTT as Jack Sparrow. It's music with its nostrils flared, its chest out and its tongue in its cheek. And Zimmer's deftness with intertwining themes continues into the third Pirates films. He frequently uses thematic ideas from the other films in the series to give the whole thing a sprawling feel.

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