The Legend of Zelda Series
Koji Kondo


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A video game classic that has gone on to have a musical life of its own

Koji Kondo has, along with Nobuo Uematsu, become one of the leading lights of Japan's video game soundtrack world — mostly thanks to his music for the Zelda games.

The Legend Of Zelda constitutes many different games for different platforms, but they all have music at the heart of them. The main hero in the games, Link, often carries a flute, and in certain games players must help him to play the right musical motifs to progress.

Aside from this more technical application, Kondo's music for the games takes on a gloriously pastoral character, taking no small influence from both John Williams and Ralph Vaughan Williams. That pastoral character is, for many, eternally bound up in nostalgia for the games themselves, but melodies this good work whether you've played them or not.