Piano Concerto No.23 in A major K488
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


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It's his biggest faller this year, but Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 23 has still managed to stay in the chart despite a drop of 71 places to its lowest ever position

The piano concertos of Mozart are one of the greatest examples of the blending of practical musicianship with sheer musical genius. They run from mere childhood offerings, which are themselves still wonders to behold, via the great masterpieces of Mozart's Viennese years, right through to his final years, when his concertos were marked out as coming from the pen of a genius.

Piano Concerto No.23 comes right smack-bang in that Viennese masterpiece period. It was probably written around the same time as his opera The Marriage of Figaro was premiered, and was almost certainly included in one of Mozart's numerous but necessary subscription concerts. As with many of his piano concertos, it is a very positive-sounding work, nearly always trying to look on the bright side.