Doctor Who
Murray Gold


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It's flitted in and out of the Hall of Fame since 2010, but Murray Gold's music from Doctor Who seems to have found a firm footing this year

It's not just themes for Daleks and Cybermen in composer Murray Gold's music for Doctor Who. Since taking over the responsibility in 2005 of writing the music for such an iconic series, the English composer has proven a television soundtrack can be truly classical in scope and sound — with soaring choral passages, dramatic strings, rousing trumpets, and stonking great tunes.

As well as his re-working of the rousing main theme, originally composed by Ron Grainer, Gold has tackled a huge range of musical styles for Doctor Who, including perhaps his most famous movement, the poignant vocal number, Abigail's Song. It seems to take inspiration from the great minimalist composer Philip Glass, with a gently rocking accompaniment underneath the simple solo part.

Gold has also been seen very briefly in the show itself, making a cameo appearance, wearing a false moustache, in the 2007 Christmas special, Voyage of the Damned.