O Nata Lux
Morten Lauridsen


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A brand-new entry for Morten Lauridsen, safely into the top 300 with his soaring O Nata Lux

Morten Lauridsen's Lux aeterna is a requiem, but unlike the better-known requiems by the likes of Verdi and Mozart, Lauridsen's work is a tranquil, light-filled piece. After its premiere, a writer for The Times called it 'a classic of new American choral writing' and said 'old world structures and new world spirit intertwine in a cunningly written score, at once sensuous and spare'.

The best known section of the work is the haunting a cappella O nata lux. The Latin text translates as 'O light born of light, / Jesus, redeemer of the world, /deign in mercy to accept / the offering of praise and prayers.' The mood is one of opulence and Lauridsen luxuriates in the power of the choral sound.