Richard Wagner


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Wagner's Lohengrin is an opera classic, but it's suffered a hefty drop of 34 places since the 2014 chart

First performed in 1850, Lohengrin's popularity was not particularly embraced by the composer. Wagner wrote after the premiere: "If I could have everything my way, Lohengrin — the libretto of which I wrote in 1845 — would be long forgotten in favour of new works that prove, even to me, that I have made progress". It's certainly packed full of drama: a noblewoman loves and loses a mysterious knight with no name who rides giant swans. Not to be forgotten is the famous Bridal Chorus, (better known as Here Comes the Bride), the soundtrack to nuptial celebrations across the globe.

Scene from Wagner's Lohengrin, as performed at the London premiere by Arthur Thiele (1875).