Raiders of the Lost Ark (includes Raiders March, Indiana Jones)
John Williams


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One of the most iconic film scores ever written re-enters the chart for the first time since 2009

One of John Williams most triumphant movie themes, it's yet another example of his indelible influence on cinema.

If anything, John Williams has become so synonymous with blockbuster film music that most of the major movie moments in history could be misremembered with one of his tunes playing over the top. But with Raiders of the Lost Ark, one of his most memorable works, the music means only one thing: Indiana Jones.

The Raiders' March, especially, has that undimmed knack for brilliant, sprightly melody and an immediate nostalgia, that sense that you've always known how the tune goes. It's a neat trick that few do as well as Williams and, with this Spielberg classic, he absolutely nailed it. Cinematic music rarely makes as big a mark on culture as this.