Flute and Harp Concerto in C major K299
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


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Mozart's much-loved concerto falls 26 to its lowest Hall of Fame chart position since 2006

The only piece of music that Mozart wrote that contains the harp, this is one of the most popular of all concertos — although since he never wrote another piece for the instrument, it can be assumed Mozart was not a big harp fan. He wasn't particularly a flute enthusiast either. In fact he generally disliked all French musical tastes, which he felt both instruments exemplified.

The concerto was commissioned by an amateur flautist — the Duc de Guines — to play with his talented harpist daughter but Mozart, who thought them both excellent players, was reportedly never paid for his work and it's not certain whether the duo ever played the concerto.

Written as it was for home performance, it remains unique as there are no other works for concert hall by any composer using this combination of instruments.

It's a charming and ever-popular piece — although Mozart would not have been pleased with Alfred Einstein's description of it as an 'example of the finest French salon music'.