Orchestral Suite No. 4 Opus 61 (Mozartiana)
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky


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New entry. Written to honour Mozart's Don Giovanni, this orchestral suite is an affectionate tribute

Mozart's opera, Don Giovanni, forms the inspiration for one of Tchaikovsky's lesser-known orchestral works.

Tchaikovsky wrote his Mozartiana in 1887, exactly 100 years after the great Mozart opera made its debut. It's made up of four dainty movements and, rather than taking its inspiration from Giovanni itself, takes a little tour of some of the great composer's more obscure gems.

While it makes full use of Mozart's influence, it's a wistful, nostalgic work the likes of which Tchaikovsky was famous for. In effect, it's a delicate synthesis of the two, but ultimately it's Tchaikovsky's show — and all the stronger for it.