Violin Concerto in D major Op.61
Ludwig van Beethoven


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Down 28. Lowest ever position. Has never been out of the Top 100 before. 8th of Beethoven's 18 entries.

This work, which is now so firmly accepted as one of the greats of the violin repertoire, was something of a slow burner. Unlike many other pieces by the great composer, it certainly didn't become an instant hit. The concerto was rattled off by Beethoven in a remarkably short space of time. He took just a few weeks to compose it in the winter of 1806, and it was premiered within days of its completion on 23rd December. This was a fairly rushed affair. The soloist hadn't had time to learn his part, so spent a good deal of the concert sight-reading. It's hard to imagine Beethoven being too pleased with such an approach.