Final Fantasy series (including To Zanarkand, Aerith's Theme, Opera Maria and Draco, Kefka's Theme, Dancing Mad, One-Winged Angel)
Nobuo Uematsu


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Sometimes referred to as the Beethoven of video games music, Japanese composer Nobuo Uematsu has made his career and reputation from his soundtracks to the enduring Final Fantasy video games. Now on the 14th instalment, the series is noted for its incredibly cinematic feel, and much of that is down to Uematsu. He's part John Williams, part Wagnerian leitmotif, part new-age soundscaper — and a legend in his own right.

The level of interest in the scores to these games should not be underestimated. Concerts of Final Fantasy music sell out across the world, with Uematsu often in attendance and the kind of fanbase most pop stars would be envious of. One gets the impression, though, that none of it would be worth it if the tunes didn't stand up to scrutiny. They certainly do.

Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, released 2007.