The Land of the Mountain and the Flood
Hamish MacCunn


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Up 42, to its highest ever position. Hamish MacCunn is a Hall of Fame One Hit Wonder.

O caledonia! stern and wild,

Meet nurse for a poetic child!

Land of brown heath and shaggy wood,

land of the mountain and the flood.'

These words from Walter Scott's Lay of the Last Minstrel had been written for a full eighty-two years when they moved the Scottish composer Hamish Maccunn to music. Although the music critic George Bernard Shaw was withering in his review, The Land of the Mountain and the Flood has stood the test of time, remaining by far the composer's most popular work. Sadly, Maccunn, who lived in London, rather than the beloved Scottish countryside of his music, died from an illness at the tragically young age of 48.

A View of the Mountain Pass Called the Notch of the White Mountains by Thomas Cole (1839).