Austin Wintory


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New entry. The 1st video game soundtrack to enter the Hall of Fame this year. Will there be more?

Austin Wintory's video game soundtrack broke the mould in the 55th annual Grammy Awards by bagging a nomination in the 'Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media' category, up against The Adventures of Tintin — The Secret of the Unicorn, The Artist, The Dark Knight Rises, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Hugo — soundtracks composed by musical titans such as John Williams, Hans Zimmer and Trent Reznor.

Despite the fact the score eventually lost out to Reznor and Ross's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Wintory's nomination alone shows the seismic shift in attitude among film music-lovers. 'Obviously I didn't work on #JourneyPS3 hoping to win a Grammy,' Wintory later tweeted. 'The entire point was the game itself and that's gone beyond my wildest dreams.' Austin Wintory's shimmering score perfectly matches the beauty to be found in a game ripe with symbolism, views good enough to frame and, above all, emotion. Emotion that can be heard from the first quavering note of Tina Guo's cello to the swell of the orchestra — the perfect accompaniment to the journey ahead, amidst ochre-burnished sands and stormy mountain climbs.

Wintory's nomination prompted him to describe video games as having evolved into 'a full-blown art genre that is right alongside literature and any other form of storytelling.'