Cantata BWV 140 'Wachet Auf'
Johann Sebastian Bach


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The 1st appearance from J.S. Bach this year — he has 11 entries in total.

The opening of this cantata, Wachet auf, which translates as 'sleepers awake', contains a tune written by a Lutheran pastor called Philipp Nicolai. It caught Bach's attention during his golden Leipzig period. It wasn't unusual for Bach to transform original melodies by other chorale and hymn-tune composers into his own works of art. The first performance of this most beautiful of wake-up calls was on 25th November 1731, which was the 27th Sunday after Trinity the specific day for which the work was written to be performed. It is notable that there can be only 27 Sundays after Trinity in years when Easter falls early. As a result, this now famous cantata was, in fact, rarely heard in the years after it was written.

Saint Thecla Liberating the City of Este from the Plague by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1759).